Teaching Baby to Self Soothe

Teaching Baby to Self Soothe

Teaching babies to self soothe

Some times we become weary or Tired of going everywhere with baby
Most times they won’t allow us to do other things. They just want to be in our hands all day and it might not be working out for us. 

What is self Soothe 

In a lay man, self soothe is a calming way to sleep, a way of putting oneself to sleep. 

Can baby Self soothe 

If we can’t train ourselves, as adults,  to fall asleep when we are restless – a 6 month old sure can not. 
Letting a 6 month old left to cry is really harmful to brain development and attachment.  
Rock your baby to sleep.  You will miss it when he grows older.

Can I teach baby to self soothe ?

You can’t teach babies to self soothe. They are not developmentally capable. If they are upset they need support from their caregivers to co-regulate.
 It is also normal for babies to wake up and need parental support to get back to sleep. 
You haven’t made a mistake by nursing or rocking him – both of those are very normal ways to help a baby fall asleep. 
If they are currently not working try and gauge his tired signs – you might need to tweak nap times & bed times.

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