Curing Mastitis in Woman especially breastfeeding Mothers

Curing Mastitis in Woman especially breastfeeding Mothers

Depending on what you want, some mothers run away from this issue, so they refused to breastfeed their baby.

So they take medication to stop the milk from being produce and they went straight to using Baby Formula for their Babies.

Mastitis is very common in breast feeding mothers, the problem might be from infection. but what really happen is that we have been bitten by our child. This will make the breast tissue to swell.

what causes mastitis in breast


Curing Mastitis in Breast Feeding Mothers

Put cabbage to ease the pain and take lecithin to thin the milk and express the milk .

You can try placing cold cabbage over youur affected side. it will helped to resolve the pain and discomfort pretty quickly.

You need use a pump that can fully clear your BreastMilk to prevent mastitis and temporary stop eating food that boost your breast.

Take painkillers first to ease the pain a little

Side effect of using any pills to stop breastfeeding. The pill will make your breast lose its muscle then it will become sag.

African Method of Curing Mastitis

You will Take a small pain reliever,

Continue breastfeeding the baby.

It is believed that the baby’s mouth will heal or cure the mastitis in time.

This method is always painful but it is most effective.

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