Kids not sharing Toy

Kids not sharing Toy 

Sharing is a learned social skill that kids are suppose pick up by 5 or 6. 
Part of socializing with peers is to navigate how to share, show empathy n negotiate.  
Your kid has a right to say no to sharing his own items unless these are school items that is meant for sharing. 
In some child preschool, the teachers will encourage them to share but will not force. 
I used to read books to my girl about sharing and giving way to people.. I later realised she give in to people request too much. 
So I begin to tell her it is ok not to share if u have not yet finished playing..

Mingling too much with Adult can affect the kid not sharing

Having a child who likes to play with older people isn’t wrong but they sometimes get the tendency to look down on peers their age or those who aren’t at “his level of maturity”.
 That’s where the problem starts. You need to remind him he’s still just a small boy, so go have fun, share and play together with others, make friends and bond.

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