The Most Important lesson a child should learn

The Most Important lesson a child should learn

We failed at times as a parent because we failed to tell our child one or two things about life.

Well, you haven’t fail as a parent until you fail to raise a good, God fearing children who are self dependent and have respects for others etc.

Below tips would help you a great deal.

1. Nothing in life is free, and if you think youre owed something you haven’t earned you need to self reflect

2.Love and Happiness: Have to be happy no matter what happen.

3. confidence , Morals


4. Not to value others opinions about themselves to believe in themselves even if others don’t

5. Value of time, sincerity

6. Respect

7. Relationship between time & money management.

May sound stupid to some but it is really essential from a young age, to be honest.

8. Confidence. Not arrogance, but self confidence.

Belief in being who they are, and not allowing initial difficulties to stop them from continuing and developing.

9. How to fully process, regulate, and release their emotions. Everything else is really out of our control or comes from life experience.

10.For believers; learning about God essentially covers everything.

11. How to handle their emotions

12. Listen to their intuition

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