How to make Okpa

How to make Okpa.

Okpa is best prepared using a few ingredients because the beans –Bambara beans- has its own peculiar taste. 
Depending on preference, you can make okpa with fresh pepper and uziza leaf. 


4 cups of okpa flour
10 tbsp of palm oil
2 tbsp of grounded crayfish
2 tbsp of blended fresh pepper
3 cubes of seasoning
Sliced uziza
Salt to taste
Okpa wrappers (You can either make use of the banana or plantain leaves, nylon bag or small plastic or stainless plate).


Sieve the okpa flour into a big bowl, add your grounded crayfish, salt, smashed seasoning cubes and mix.
Pour the oil into the mixture and mould with your hands until you achieve unity in colour, yellow.
Boil the water in a pot . It should not be steaming hot but rather lukewarm.
Slowly pour the water into the mixture while you knead. The quantity of water depends on how you want the end result to be. If very soft, add a generous amount, if on the fence of soft and hard, act accordingly.
Add the blended pepper and sliced uziza into the mixture and use a turning stick to stir not hands.
 Set aside when ready.
Boil water in a pot. Ensure that the water is enough for the wrapped okpa to be completely soaked.
Wash the leaves and nylon thoroughly.
Wrap the okpa into sizes of your choice and place in the pot of steaming water.
Allow boiling for at least an hour and serve hot.

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