How to get Pregnant Using Organic Herb

How to get Pregnant Using Organic Herb

To get pregnant is not as easy as some people may think.

While it is easy for some people, it might be a lot of hard work for others.

This post is about the herbs to use to get pregnant.

While this post is for pregnancy seekers all around the world.

To have intercourse with a woman, make sure its not her safe period.

Make sure its a day or two after her monthly visit.

Look for Ewe Akoko, that is the yoruba Name of the leave.

While the english man called it fertility leave.

You can google search this name of this leave in your tribe.

To use this leave, pluck some of this leave and use stout to brush them together in a small bowl.

After clutching, brushing together with stout in a bowl, drink it.

You only use this leave a day after your monthly visit.

Get closer , get intimate with your lover or husband daily and expect good results from God.

Dont forget to always show love and charity to children .

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