Would you go for adoption or Fostering of a Child?

Would you go for adoption or fostering of a Child?

There are times as a parent that we need o make a decision.

In this case, it’s fostering of a Child or adoption of a child.

Please note that this is just an opinion and not to influence, the final decision is yours to make.

Fostering is the raising and upbringing of a child that is not yours.

You are not the one that give birth to the child you are fostering.

Neither is the child you are fostering bearing your Name.

Fostering is helping another people to raise up their Child.


Adoption of a child is when you get a legal backings to own a Child that is not yours.

Going to Court, informing the Government that you want the child to be yours forever, bearing your name and that you have the resources and capabilities to raise up the child.

Reasons for Fostering and Adoption of a Child.

There is nothing Bad in any of the two options.

Some parents are sacred of going through the pain of having a pregnancy, labour etc. So they usually go for the options of fostering or adoption of a child.

Some parents due to one reason or the other Can’t bear a child,so they go for either fostering or adoption.

Some parents have children but don’t have the resources to raise children, so they give our their children to a Foster Parents or Someone to Adopt the Child.

Some Children are Orphan, they don’t have parents. They needed someone to Adopt them or Foster them.

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