Advise to Parents that want their Child to be their Failed dream Career

Advise to Parents that want their Child to be their Failed dream Career

This is a big one for me and you. Our parents are the Mr and Mrs know it all.

Some parents can tell you what to eat and what not to eat, where to go and where not to go. This and that.

Should we blame the parents? That would be a capital No.

Some are just being protective, while some parents just don’t want you to take a wrong decision.

Little did they know that they are becoming the pain in the Axx.

As a parent, you need to let go of the grip, loose it a bit or else you might loose your child. Not to death, but there may be an everlasting gap between you and your Child.

Because you wanted to be a doctor and your parents doesn’t have money to sponsored you or you are less privileged at that doesn’t make it a mandatory for your child to be.

The fact that you are running a Family Business doesn’t make your child a business person.

Children are born with their own Inspiration and aspirations. We are to guide them and not to cage them.

How to be a better parents in choosing a career for your child.

How to guide your child in career choice.

Question your child about it to see how much is a dream and how much is well thought out.

Success starts with a dream don’t get onto him for being at the first step.

Support your child dream , not the dreams you have for him.

We have have huge aspirations for our babies, but we have to support them where they are and want to be.

Find out what it takes, what your child enjoys about the idea of being whatever the child want to be.

Show an interest in his needs and you’ll always be his safe place.

Make him feel like his dreams are dumb, and you won’t be a part of them ❤️

  • Ask your child to get detailed business plan of his/her idea and how the child is planning to earn to invest in what is needed…

Ask your child to give trial videos and circulate it among people. Your child should collect feedback from and family friends.

Tell your child to have Plan B if he chucks it out and sees for himself that it works or doesn’t .

By doing this, you gain your Child.

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