How to make Avocado oil

How to make Avocado oil

Today we will discuss on how to make Avocado oil.
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Only ripe pear.


Cut from the middle and remove the avocado seed in the center.
Peel off the avocado skin, put in a bowl smash smoothly or blend it,
After smashing or blending it, pour in a round plate or tray, spread it well on the tray.
Sundry it for 3 days or use oven In a very low heat, 
After drying it, scrape it from the tray and put it in a sieve net and squeeze out all the oil.
After squeezing out the oil, sieve the oil for some times to avoid any dirty particles

    Uses of Avocado Oil 

For cooking
Apply on our skin
For hair growth

 Benefits Of Avocado oil 

It improves heart health
It benefits your skin (smooth skin)
 It reduces cholesterol
Rich in oleic acid
Seriously it can be little stressful doing the drying process but you have to be patient 
To achieve something good consume time

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