Baby not taking Breast Feed, way out

Baby not taking breast feed.

If you are among the parents that has this problem, we might be able to help.

The baby needs to eat.

If the baby is struggling to breast feed then switch to formula.

Persevering with breastfeeding that isn’t working could be detrimental to mother and baby’s wellbeing.

It is more important that baby is fed and nourished.

  • Secondly, how old is the baby?

Is the baby 3-4 month old upward?

Probably the teeth is coming out.

When the teeth of a baby is coming out, there used to be a high temperature in the mouth of the baby, and the baby generally would have an increase in body temperature as well.

What you need to do in this case is to buy teeth powder and apply.

There are also some drugs which may be recommended by your doctors for use by you.

Thirdly, what position are you breastfeeding your baby?

The baby might not be comfortable with the position at which you are breastfeeding the baby.

Finally, remember everything is a stage. It would soon pass away.

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