How to Stop Breastfeeding

How to stop breastfeeding

Thinking of how to stop brrastfeeding is a difficult task for many mums and mother.You must be able to know if your baby is ready for it.

And you must be ready also because stopping a baby from breastfeeding may cause some sickness on the mother.

To stop breastfeeding, you cant stop breastfeeding at once, you must withdraw it gradually.

You must decide if you will stop breastfeeding in the afternoon or to stop the midnight all night long breastfeeding.

Since many mother cant wait to get back their work, life and Body, i will advice that you stop the day breastfeeding.

What i mean by day breastfeeding is the breastfeeding from morning till night.You will probably put the child in a day care in the morning and go and pick the child up in the evening around 5pm.

Or you visit your granny and put the child with your granny so that you pick the child up later in the day.The choice is always yours to pick from the two options above.

Gradually, the child would get used to the system and would not bother asking for breast milk during the day.

The next step is how to stop the all night long breastfeeding, this is more stressful than it look because the baby would not allow you to sleep.

To stop the all night breastfeeding , you need to buy baby drinks, milk and the rest and as a parent, you need to wear your bra all night.

The baby will cry seeking breast while yoy will pamper the baby with all the sweet goodies you have bought.The baby would be restless and cry but you must resist the cry and noise of the baby.

You will do this for a week or less, after which the baby would forget about breastfeeding.

While you try to stop breastfeeding, make sure you have time to care for the baby, make sure you give the baby good food etc.

After stoping breastfeeding, please take some drugs and take good care of yourself because you will fall sick as a mother.

Medicine to stop breastfeeding

I dont know if there is any medicineee for that but we should always try and be organic

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