Child not wanting to go to school, any help?

A child not wanting to go to school, any help?

There is a stage in a child that they don’t want to go to school.

In Africa, Especially NIGERIA. Parents would beat the hell out of the child that refuses to go school without investigation.

Well, that’s a bad parenting. We need to wise up And grew up our child in a proper way using the techniques below.

Ask if someone is bullying your child

African parents don’t ask questions, there may be some groups abusing your child either in school or on the way home. Bullying will make the child inferior and would affect the mental health of the child.

Sexual Harassment

Could it be that the teacher or a fellow student is harassing the child, could it be that on the way home some guys or group of guys are harassing her?

If it’s a girl, was she rape?

Please investigate

Check grade and performance

How far or how well is your child doing in school. If a child is not performing well in school, they would see no reason to go to school.

This is where you encourage her or have a private teacher to teach her after school hour

Ask why she doesn’t want to go to school

Before you take any step, ask your child why she or he doesn’t want to go school.

This will give you the overall answer to what the child is facing.

And might help you find the solution to the problem.

School stress, assignment etc

The child might not be able to handle the stress of school. You need to encourage the child or create a time for her to play. Playing is what children wants.

If none of the above is the reason for a child not wanting to go school.

Then used the final note below

  • Scope them that it is under the law to go to school unless tbsp want to go to jail

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