When should a child have a seperate bedroom?

When should a child have a separate bedroom?

This depends on many factors before we can answer the question

Factors like

Country of residence – In some country, there are laws which state that a child should have a seperate room at a particular Age .

The age of the child in question – You can not possibly give a child of two years a seperate room, what if something bite the child in the middle of the night? For a child to have a room seperately, the child must be somewhat older.

The number of children by the parents – A single child can stayed with her mother or Father depending on the situation on ground

The type of House they are living and their source of income. Some parents have many rooms while some are just managing a room or two.

What age should a child have a seperate room by law

At the Age of 8 and 10. A child should be have his/her seperate bedroom

Can a child share a room with parents legally

Yes. If its just a child. The child can share a room with his/her parents.

It also depends on the situation, some parents can only afford just a room.

Opposite gender siblings sharing room

Opposite gender siblings should not be allowed to share the same room the moment they are turning to 8,9,10 years of Age.

Their mind are not the same, the kind of friends they keep are not the same, their interest are not the same.

At the same time, we wouldnt want them to inbreed with one another.

Single parent sharing bedroom with their child

There is no law against this in Africa and i dont think there is any law of such in other country.

But for privacy, once the child is growing older and if the child is of seperate gender with the single parents, there might be a need for seperate room.

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