Correcting a Child Bullying other Children

Correcting a Child Bullying other Children

Hey writer, where are we going? LOL

This is a big task to talk about especially from parents to guidance to teachers to foster parents.

It is a topic that call for attention.

If your child bully other children, the child’s actions are really inappropriate.

Turn the table around, would you have wanted your child’s bully near your child?

How to correct a bullying child.

First an apology may have been made but as a mom, I wouldn’t want your child near my child. If your child hasn’t apologised.

To restore the friendship between children: set a play-dates; nintendo or games -dates at one person’s house; ice-cream dates; outing dates together: that are out of school: if you are willing and it’s possible logistically and schedule wise.

Don’t leave out the part when there was feedback from school about your child, what did you do to educate your child about the bullying and how long it lasted ?

Talk to your child about her/his behaviour and teach your child about consequences/trust/hurt.

Take it as a opportunity and learn about apologies and how to mend relationships.

If your child bullies his/her bestie, give your child a big scolding and teach your child what it means to be friends.

Some parents would tell their kids not to play with someone who hurt them too.

But children are always so forgiving and continud to play with their best friends even if they were naughty, bully, hurt or take their stuffs.

That is children for you.

Everyone’s child is an angel. We won’t see the devil in them.

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