kids asking annoying questions, what to do

kids asking annoying questions, what to do

As parents we shouldn’t be trying to silence our children’s curiosity because it’s annoying and you’re worried about what other people might think about your parenting.

I personally don’t see any issue with a kid asking these kinds of questions.

He’s thinking for himself and not just following orders blindly without question. I see that as a good thing.

Gentle parenting relies on natural consequences.

If they refuse to put on their rain coat they get wet.

If they refuse to their homework they get in trouble with the teacher.

If they don’t clean their plate after dinner they don’t have a clean plate & can’t eat until it’s clean next feeding time.

This removes the “grounding” and punishments.

Maybe if the kid understands the natural consequences of his actions he may feel more secure in his own choices.

If the kid is constantly asking what his punishments are, it could be that he is punished too much.

If you let nature take its course, he could better understand the outcome.

It is important to understand the kids developmental needs.

The kid is in a stage where he needs to understand why things happen, not just your consequences, but the world in general.

Thats why primary school starts at this age.

On the other hand, his questions are learnt and a consequence of the way you’ve been disciplining him.

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