When should a male child be circumcise

When should a male child be circumcise?

At what age should a boy get circumcise?

What is circumcision?

Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin just behind the head of the penis using a scalpel or surgical scissors.

When should a male child be circumcise?

There is no right and wrong time in doing circumcision.

It depends on Tribal believe, some tribe or native or country do not circumcise their male child / boy , and it does not stop them from reproduction in their adulthood.

Religion Belief: Some religion teaches or lay emphasizes on circumcision. E.g Christianity talk about Circumcision of a male child .

Above all believes, be it religion or Tribal. We should put one thing in mind if we are to circumcise a male boy. The earlier the circumcision the better for the baby.

Every stage of a baby comes with pains and agony. What do i mean?

After giving birth, ths baby or child would be having Navel Pains for 3 months. Both parents might be having sleepness night.

After the 3 month Navel pain, comes the teeth pain. Though it might not occure simultaneously but i believe you are getting my points.

Just Imagine a man being circumcised at 30 ,35,40,45,50. You can not understand the pain.

To help the Baby boy or male child, the best time, the right time, the appropriate age for a male child to be circumcise is 8 – 40days of birth.

The male child or boy will feel the pain but it would reduce within days and its for the best.

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