Raising emotionally mature children

Raising emotionally mature children

To raise emotionally mature children, we must communicate effectively with them as a good example.

That means noticing if we are rolling our eyes, sighing or tutting to show displeasure. Be mindful not to make passive-aggressive comments or act like there is no issue.

We must be clear and not expect children to know what we are thinking or what we want and instead ask directly.

Asking Directly for what you need might include:

  • **- I feel like we need some time together to connect again.**
  • **- I didn’t like you making fun of me in front of my family. It hurt my feelings and made me look daft. **
  • **- If you want some help with your homework, I expect you to help me with it by doing the dishes after dinner, is that good with you? **

**- How are you doing – can I help you in any way?**

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