Is it Safe to use Sleeping Medicine for Babies

Is it Safe to use Sleeping Medicine for Babies

As a parent why would you be so concerned about using a sleeping medicine for your baby?

There are some things that are designed by nature and you can’t cheat it.

Using sleeping medicine for your baby would do the following

  • It will mess up their natural sleep hormones
  • It might make your baby to have seizures
  • It would have adverse effect on the brain.

Nature has designed new borns to wake up frequently to feed. It’s also nature’s safety measure against SIDS.

Sleeping patterns don’t regulate until 4 months to 3 years old.

Circadian clocks take a while to kick in. At this age sleeping for 20 hours is normal and it’s normal for it to not be much at night.

Keep to a great bed time routine. Make sure to stimulate your baby during the day while they are awake and spend plenty of time outdoors.

Even in cold weather, bundling up and going for a 30 minute walk is good for energy and lung health.

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