Separation Anxiety in children and Solutions

Separation Anxiety in Children

Separation anxiety is normal. It’s age appropriate. However crying it out at school to get adjusted isn’t normal nor age appropriate.

Schools will tell you it’s normal (which simply means it’s widely accepted but not necessarily natural or in your child’s best interest) to let kids cry.


You are not helping your child / Children if because of anxiety or cry You pulled out all kids/ Children and unschooling them .


Childhood speeds by us and when our little ones are anxious to be away from us, it’s because they aren’t ready or don’t realize they are ready.


Maybe You should start with a social play group where you can be there but completely ignore Your child / children while they play.


Go to playgrounds and step back to watch Your child / children from a distance.


More time away but Sure your child / Children would come to you for reassurance and go back.


Soon, they’ll be off on adventures with new friends.


You can do a gradual entry program and exit for the child /Children.

The Child / Children come in at a certain time, you are at the door for that child and they know exactly when they are leaving.

As time goes on you increase the amount of time they can stay and then we start to have them come in without you as a parent .


Once the child is used to separation, it would be easier to go out with little or not trouble leaving your child with a nanny or relatives.

You can’t be there very time and you need to prepare your child / Children for this moment.


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