12-year old boy behavior

12-year old boy behavior
At the age of 12, boys may begin to go through significant physical and emotional changes as they enter adolescence. 
They may experience increased levels of hormones, which can affect their mood and behavior.

 They may also become more independent and want to spend more time with their friends. 

Some common behaviors that a 12-year-old boy may exhibit include:

  • Increased interest in activities and hobbies, such as sports or video games
  • Greater desire for independence and autonomy
  • Changes in mood, including mood swings and irritability
  • Increased self-consciousness and concern about their appearance
  • Greater interest in members of the opposite sex and developing romantic relationships
  • A desire to fit in with their peers and be accepted by their social group
  • Increased physical activity and energy levels
  • A tendency to take risks and test boundaries.

It is important for parents and caregivers to be patient and understanding during this time, and to provide support and guidance to help the child navigate these changes.

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