At what age should a child have a sleepover

at what age should a child have a sleepover ?

Before you decide that your child is having a sleep over somewhere you need to know the friends and the people who will be in that specific house where they would be sleeping over.. 
As a Parent, Pick your child up and drop your child off. 
Make sure your child always keeps you updated if anything seems strange.
 You have to trust your child too because this will create problems or a distant relationship.

should i let my child have a sleepover

Make sure you talk to the parents where they are seeping over or would you host the sleepover so that you are more comfortable?

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Meet the parents and get their vibes .
The rest is that you would have to trust your child.
 Tell your child directly that  you are giving them this trust and if it’s broken no more sleepovers.

should my child go for sleepover boyfriend

It depends on the Child. Do you guys have a good relationship, and is she trustworthy/doesn’t feel like she has to hide from you?
 Would she feel comfortable calling you to pick her up if she gets uncomfortable? 
At 14/15 she’s going to want and need some freedom.
Totally forbidden something is not good. 
Friends could exclude her from everything, 
or she could start lieing. 
Something in the golden middle age I believe.

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