Best Gift a Nanny can give her boss for Christmas

Best Gift a Nanny can give her boss for Christmas 
Are you a nanny? 
You want to surprise your boss with something spectacular this Christmas. 
We have some suggestions on what to give your boss or employee as a gift for Christmas 
The nanny and the children can make a no-sew fleece blanket for their  mom. Super simple. Maybe you “and kids” could make her one together.
A paper frame with a photo of her kids and a hand print painting of both kids.
Printing out and framing pictures of your boss and children …
it was the simplest thing for her but it meant the world to me. We exchanged pics daily so she had a ton to pick from.
Best present you could get? Time. 
Give them a voucher for one free 
Babysitting session for a The couple to go on a date night.
A night, or even an afternoon, with their partner for them to go out without the kids.

A gift card  or made something with the kids
A voucher for a haircut/ restaurant/ cafe.  Even a meal would be great.   

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