How children overcome separation anxiety

How children overcome separation anxiety 
Separation anxiety is a common concern for many children and can be a difficult experience for both the child and their parents. 
However, there are several strategies that can help children overcome separation anxiety. 

One effective strategy is to prepare children for separation in advance by talking to them about what will happen and reminding them that you will always come back for them. 

It can also be helpful to establish a routine for goodbyes, such as giving your child a hug and a kiss and telling them when you will be back. 

Additionally, providing children with a sense of security, such as a special object or a family photo, can help them feel more comfortable when they are away from their parents. 

It is also important for parents to be patient and supportive and to avoid making a big deal out of separations, as this can often exacerbate a child’s anxiety.

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