Positive Parenting Tips

Never judge your child based upon academic performance. As per Multiple Intelligence Theory there are 8 different types of intelligences in all human beings right from birth. 

Every child has potential and gifted abilities to get success in life. Parents need to  identify the core intelligency and polish that skill for achieving success and happiness in life.

Unfortunately not all these types of intelligence help to earn money and survive in this world. 
Even IQ doesn’t help much they say people above average intelligence do not earn more than people with average IQ. 
The key is to teach your kids something they can take with them when they leave the nest to take care of themselves and their young. Teach them good ethic and to be coachable. This is why I’m highly against the everyone gets a trophy for trying mentality as well.
We judge solely on academic performance.
 We do not praise natural talent.
 We reward hard work and discipline. Laziness = bad grades. 
discipline= good grades.
Let us think about it

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