Why do children believe in Santa

Why do children believe in Santa
There are several reasons why children may believe in Santa Claus. 
One reason is that many children are exposed to the legend of Santa Claus from a young age through cultural traditions, such as hearing Christmas carols, reading stories about Santa, or watching movies and television shows featuring Santa. 
Children may also see Santa in person at holiday events or in shopping malls, and they may receive gifts that they believe were delivered by Santa on Christmas morning.

Another reason children may believe in Santa is that they want to believe in him.

 The idea of a magical figure who brings gifts and joy to children can be appealing and exciting for children, and they may be drawn to the magic and wonder of the holiday season.

Additionally, children are often more receptive to belief in magical or fantastical concepts, and they may find it easier to suspend their disbelief and accept the existence of Santa Claus. 

As children grow and develop, they typically become more skeptical and more able to critically evaluate evidence and distinguish between reality and fantasy. 

So, it’s natural for children to believe in Santa Claus and other magical figures as they are growing and learning about the world around them.

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