Why is it important for babies to eat solids?

Why is it important for babies to eat solids?
It’s important for babies to eat solids for a few reasons:
  1. To support growth and development: Solid foods provide additional nutrients that an infant may not be getting from breast milk or formula alone. These nutrients, such as iron, zinc, and protein, are important for an infant’s growth and development.

  2. To improve hand-eye coordination: Handling and feeding themselves solid foods can help improve an infant’s hand-eye coordination and coordination of the mouth and tongue.

  3. To support the transition to table foods: Introducing solid foods helps babies learn how to chew and swallow different textures and flavors, which can make the transition to table foods easier.

  4. To support weight gain: Solid foods can be more filling than liquids and may help support weight gain in infants who are not gaining weight as quickly as expected.

Overall, introducing solid foods is an important step in an infant’s development and can help support their growth and nutrition. 

It’s important to follow the recommendations of a healthcare provider when introducing solid foods to an infant.

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