Signs of toxic teenage relationship

Signs of toxic teenage relationship
Toxic teenage relationships can be emotionally damaging and have lasting effects on individuals.
 Here are some signs of a toxic teenage relationship:
  1. Controlling behavior: One partner may try to control or manipulate the other, such as by telling them who they can or can’t hang out with.

  2. Intense jealousy: One partner may become overly jealous or possessive, causing tension and conflict in the relationship.

  3. Disrespectful behavior: One partner may show disrespect towards the other, such as by belittling them or dismissing their feelings.

  4. Verbal or emotional abuse: One partner may use verbal or emotional abuse to manipulate or control the other, such as by using guilt, threats, or insults.

  5. Isolation: One partner may try to isolate the other from their friends and family, causing the individual to become more dependent on their partner.

  6. Inequality: The relationship may be unequal, with one partner holding more power and control over the other.

  7. Physical abuse: In extreme cases, a toxic teenage relationship may involve physical abuse, which can cause lasting physical and emotional damage.

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