Do babies sleep a lot after 2 month shots?

Do babies sleep a lot after 2 month shots?
It is common for babies to be more sleepy or irritable after receiving 2-month shots, which usually include vaccines for several diseases. These side effects are generally mild and should resolve within a few days.

The sleepiness can be related to the baby’s immune system working to build immunity to the vaccines. The immune system requires energy to function, which can cause a baby to feel tired and sleep more than usual. 

This is a normal response to vaccinations, and it is usually not a cause for concern.

If your baby is sleeping more than usual after their 2-month shots and seems otherwise healthy and alert when awake, there is typically no reason to worry. 

However, if you are concerned about your baby’s behavior or if you notice any other symptoms, such as a high fever, persistent crying or fussiness, or difficulty breathing, you should contact your healthcare provider right away.

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