How long do babies feel unwell after vaccinations?

How long do babies feel unwell after vaccinations?
It’s common for babies to feel a little unwell after receiving vaccinations, but the duration and severity of the symptoms can vary. 
Most babies will experience some mild side effects for a day or two after their vaccinations, and then return to their normal activities.

Some common side effects that may cause your baby to feel unwell after vaccinations include:

  • A mild fever
  • Fussiness or irritability
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sleepiness or lethargy
  • Swelling or tenderness at the injection site

In general, these symptoms should resolve within a day or two after the vaccinations. However, in rare cases, babies may experience more severe or persistent side effects that require medical attention. If your baby has a high fever, a severe allergic reaction, or other concerning symptoms after their vaccinations, contact your healthcare provider for advice.

It’s important to note that while vaccines can cause temporary side effects, they are an essential tool for protecting your baby from serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses. 

The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks of side effects, and it is important to follow the recommended vaccination schedule to ensure your baby is fully protected.

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