Poem From Unborn Baby to Mother

Poem From Unborn Baby to Mother
Here’s a poem from an unborn baby to their mother:

My Dearest Mother

My dearest mother, I’m nestled here,
Growing day by day, each week a year.
I feel your love, your warmth, your care,
And know that you’ll always be there.

I hear your voice, it soothes my soul,
And makes my little heart feel whole.
I feel your touch, your gentle hand,
And know that you’ll always understand.

I can’t wait to meet you, face to face,
To be held in your warm embrace.
To feel your heartbeat close to mine,
And know that love will always shine.

Until that day, I’ll keep on growing,
Stretching, kicking, and always knowing,
That you’re my mother, strong and true,
And that my love for you will always renew.

So rest easy, my dearest mother,
And know that I’ll always love you like no other.
I can’t wait to start this journey with you,
As we create a bond that’s strong and true.

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