Poem From Unborn Baby to Mother

Poem From Unborn Baby to Mother
Dear Mommy, I’m nestled safe inside,
A cozy home where I like to hide.
I feel your warmth and love every day,
As you go about your life, work, and play.

I hear your voice, a soothing sound,
That makes my little heart dance around.
I know your face, though I’ve never seen,
The love in your heart, forever keen.

I can’t wait to meet you, face to face,
To feel your loving, warm embrace.
To see the world through your eyes,
And learn from you, oh, so wise.

But for now, I’ll grow and thrive,
Inside this world, where I’ll soon arrive.
Know that I love you, with all my heart,
And I can’t wait for our journey to start.

So take care of yourself, my dear mother,
For I’m counting on you, like no other.
Together we’ll face whatever comes our way,
As we prepare for that special day.

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