Poems for Unborn Baby girl

Poems for Unborn Baby girl
Here are some poems for an unborn baby girl:
  1. Little princess, growing inside,
    With each passing day, we feel your pride.
    You’ll soon be here, in our loving arms,
    And we’ll keep you safe from all harms.

  2. A baby girl, with a heart so pure,
    You’ll light up our world, of that we’re sure.
    We’ll watch you grow, and guide you along,
    And sing you sweet lullabies all night long.

  3. A little angel, sent from above,
    A bundle of joy, filled with love.
    You’ll bring such happiness to our lives,
    As we watch you grow and thrive.

  4. Little one, with a head full of curls,
    We can’t wait to watch you twirl.
    You’ll dance your way into our hearts,
    And we’ll love you from the very start.

  5. A baby girl, so sweet and fair,
    We’re filled with wonder at what you’ll share.
    You’ll bring such magic to our days,
    As we watch you grow in so many ways.

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