Pregnancy Poem announcement

Pregnancy Poem announcement
We have a little secret, one that’s been growing inside,
A tiny life that’s been hidden, just waiting to arrive.
Our hearts are full of wonder, as we watch it grow and thrive,
A little miracle that fills us with joy and pride.

We’re excited to share the news, to let the world know,
That our family is growing, with a little one in tow.
A precious gift that we’ll cherish, as we watch it learn and grow,
A new chapter in our lives, that’s about to unfold.

So please join us in our journey, as we prepare for this new life,
With love and hope and gratitude, and a little bit of strife.
We’re thrilled to welcome this little one, with all its ups and downs,
And we can’t wait to see what wonders, this new adventure will have found.

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