Pregnant wife poem from husband

Pregnant wife poem from husband
To my dear wife, with love so true,
As we await the arrival of our little two,
I want to tell you how much you mean,
And how grateful I am to be your king and your queen.

You carry our babies with grace and care,
And though it’s not always easy, you’re always there,
To face each day with strength and pride,
As we journey together, side by side.

I see the way you glow with life,
And how you radiate with joy, free from strife,
And I know in my heart, as sure as can be,
That you were meant to be a mom, so loving and free.

So rest now, my dear, and take it slow,
And know that I am here, always in tow,
To support you, love you, and help you through,
As we prepare for the arrival of our little two.

I love you more than words can say,
And I can’t wait for our family to grow each day,
Together we’ll face whatever may come,
With love and grace, our family will be one.

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