Pregnant wife poem from husband

Pregnant wife poem from husband
My darling wife, with child within,
My heart swells with love and pride.
As we journey through this special time,
My love for you will never subside.

I marvel at the miracle within,
The life that grows and thrives,
And feel blessed that you are carrying
This precious gift of our lives.

I promise to be there for you always,
Through the highs and lows we’ll face.
To hold your hand, soothe your fears,
And cherish each moment in this space.

I’ll be your rock, your confidant,
And support you through and through,
As we prepare to welcome our little one,
Together, as a family, me and you.

So let us embrace this journey,
With joy and love in our hearts,
And look forward to the day
When our family officially starts.

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