Short poems for unborn baby

Short poems for unborn baby
Here are some short poems for an unborn baby:
  1. Little one, growing strong,
    In your mother’s womb where you belong.
    We can’t wait to hold you tight,
    And kiss your cheeks all through the night.

  2. My sweet baby, yet to be born,
    You are already loved and adored.
    I feel your kicks and flutters inside,
    And can’t wait for the day you arrive.

  3. Precious bundle, growing inside,
    With each passing day, my love multiplies.
    You bring such joy to my heart and soul,
    And I can’t wait to see you whole.

  4. A little miracle, growing each day,
    With each passing week, you come what may.
    We’ll hold you close, and love you so,
    Our little one, who’s yet to grow.

  5. Tiny hands and tiny feet,
    Growing in a warm and cozy seat.
    We’re so excited to see your face,
    And welcome you to this special place.

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