Signs of a happy child

Signs of a happy child
A happy child may exhibit the following signs:
  1. Positive mood: A happy child generally has a positive outlook on life and is often in a good mood.

  2. Engaged in activities: A happy child is often engaged in activities that they enjoy and find fulfilling.

  3. Good social relationships: A happy child tends to have positive relationships with family members, friends, and other peers.

  4. Good communication: A happy child may be more willing to express their thoughts and feelings in a clear and open way.

  5. Good physical health: A happy child may have better physical health due to a more active lifestyle and a positive attitude.

  6. Resilience: A happy child may have better resilience and be able to bounce back from challenges or setbacks more easily.

  7. Sense of humor: A happy child may have a good sense of humor and be able to find joy and laughter in everyday life.

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