Signs your body is getting ready for labour

 Signs your body is getting ready for labour
As your body gets ready for labor, you may experience a variety of signs and symptoms. 
Here are some of the common signs that your body is getting ready for labor:
  1. Lightening: This is when your baby’s head drops lower into your pelvis, which can relieve pressure on your diaphragm and make it easier to breathe. You may notice that your belly appears lower.

  2. Braxton Hicks contractions: These are mild, irregular contractions that can be felt in the abdomen. They are sometimes called “practice contractions” because they can help your body prepare for labor.

  3. Cervical changes: Your cervix may start to soften and thin out (efface) as your body prepares for labor. Your healthcare provider may also check your cervix for dilation, which is when the cervix begins to open in preparation for delivery.

  4. Bloody show: This is when a small amount of blood-tinged mucus is discharged from the vagina as the cervix begins to efface and dilate.

  5. Increased vaginal discharge: As your body prepares for labor, you may notice an increase in vaginal discharge. This is normal as long as it is not accompanied by other symptoms such as itching or a foul odor.

  6. Nesting instinct: Some women experience a sudden burst of energy and the urge to clean and organize their home in the days leading up to labor.

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