Waiting for baby to arrive fumny poem

Waiting for baby to arrive funny poem 
Here’s a funny poem about waiting for a baby to arrive:

The Waiting Game

Tick-tock, tick-tock, the clock moves slow,
As we wait for this baby to show.
We’ve painted the nursery, and bought all the gear,
Now we’re just waiting for the little one to appear.

Mom’s been pacing, and Dad’s been too,
The anticipation is making us cuckoo.
We’ve read all the books, and taken the classes,
Now we’re just waiting for these contractions to pass us.

We’re counting the days, and checking the signs,
Waiting for labor to kick in and define.
Mom’s tried all the tricks, from spicy food to long walks,
But this baby just seems to be taking its sweet talks.

The due date has come, and still no sign,
We’re starting to wonder, will this baby ever be mine?
But we know it will come, when it’s ready and able,
Until then, we’ll keep waiting, watching the cradle.

So here we are, in this waiting game,
Trying to stay calm, and not go insane.
We’ll wait for this baby, with love and with care,
And welcome it to this world, when it’s finally there.

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