What colors do babies see first

What colors do babies see first
Babies are born with an immature visual system and are not able to see colors as vividly as adults. 
However, research suggests that newborns can see some colors, but not all colors.

The color that babies are most likely to see first is red. This is because the cones in their eyes that are responsible for color vision are not fully developed at birth, and they are more sensitive to longer wavelengths, such as those of red light.

 As their color vision continues to develop over the first few months of life, they will gradually be able to see other colors more clearly, such as green and blue.

It’s important to note that while babies can see colors from an early age, they may not be able to distinguish between different shades of the same color or recognize complex color patterns. 

Their color vision continues to develop throughout infancy and early childhood, and they will gradually become more sensitive to different colors and able to distinguish between them.

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