What is a Lateover?

What is a Lateover?
A “lateover” is a term that refers to a sleepover that extends into the late hours of the morning or even early afternoon. Unlike a typical sleepover, which usually ends early in the morning, a lateover may involve staying up later and sleeping in later.

The term “lateover” is often used by teenagers or young adults who want to spend more time hanging out with their friends without the curfew restrictions that a typical sleepover might have. A lateover may involve activities like watching movies, playing games, or simply chatting and hanging out with friends.

It’s important to note that a lateover should still involve responsible behavior and consideration for others. It’s important to be mindful of noise levels and to respect any house rules or guidelines set by the host. 

As with any sleepover, safety should also be a priority, and it’s important to make sure that everyone is comfortable and feels secure.

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