What time do sleepovers start

What time do sleepovers start
The start time for a sleepover can vary depending on the age of the children and the preferences of the parents. 
Generally, sleepovers for younger children may start earlier in the evening, while sleepovers for older children and teenagers may start later.

For younger children, sleepovers may start as early as late afternoon or early evening, around 4-6 pm. 

This allows children to have time to play and participate in activities before settling down for the night.

 For older children and teenagers, sleepovers may start later in the evening, around 7-9 pm, as they may have other activities or commitments during the day.

The start time of a sleepover should be based on the age of the children, the preferences of the parents, and any activities or plans that are scheduled for the sleepover. It is important to establish a clear start time with the hosting family and ensure that parents are aware of when their child will be expected to arrive and when they will be picked up the next day.

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