Temperature Regulation Medication For Babies

Temperature regulation Medication for a 1year 7month baby


We are not doctors and we are not in any way tell you which drug to give your baby or not.


We are just writing these based on many suggestions from other parents.



Please and please Always go to the clinic or hospital.


What do you give a 1year 7month baby,when her temperature is very high besides panado



Wet towels = This method is used my most parents as natural way of treating high temperature in baby.



Nurofen for babies works like a dream for children.


As said above, alternate between nurofen and paracetamol.


Also what helps is a luke warm/tepid bath or sponge bath.


Water must not be cold.



If panadol or paracetamol syrup is not working after 2-3 attempts please take the baby to the hospital.



Calpol works like a bomb


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