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Starting September 1, 2021, Texans will need to complete an approved online gun safety course to obtain a license to carry a handgun. The new law aims to ensure all concealed carry holders understand basic firearm safety and handling.


To meet the requirements, you’ll need to find an online course approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and pass a final exam. The course typically takes around 4 to 6 hours to complete and covers key topics like:

  • Basic firearm parts and operation
  • Safe handling, storage, and transport of firearms
  • Legal responsibilities of concealed carry
  • De-escalation and conflict resolution techniques
  • Live-fire training (for initial licenses only)

After passing the online course and exam, you’ll need to submit an application, pay the required fees, provide proof of residency/citizenship and pass a background check. The license is valid for 5 years, after which you’ll need to renew by taking an abbreviated refresher course.

While some may see this new requirement as an inconvenience, the key goal is to promote responsible concealed carry and reduce accidents and misuse of firearms. An interactive online course helps ensure concealed carriers thoroughly understand critical safety concepts that a static test alone may not fully reinforce. Overall, the benefits to the community seem to far outweigh any minor hassle for gun owners.


Responsible concealed carry and firearm ownership is a right that comes with serious responsibilities. This new law helps Texas uphold high standards for handgun license holders and maintain its reputation as a leader in responsible concealed carry policies.

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Details of the Mandatory Online Training Course

To obtain your Texas concealed carry license, you’ll need to complete a mandatory online gun safety course. This 4-6 hour interactive course covers critical information every responsible gun owner should know.


Course Overview

The online course provides an in-depth overview of firearm safety, storage, and handling. You’ll learn about different firearm types, proper cleaning and maintenance, and safe shooting fundamentals. The course also covers Texas gun laws in detail so you understand where and how you can legally carry concealed.

Key Topics

Some of the key topics covered in the course include:

1. Basic firearm safety rules like always keeping the gun pointed in a safe direction and keeping your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

2. Proper handgun handling and shooting techniques. How to safely load, unload, and clear common pistol actions.

3. Ammunition knowledge. The different types of ammunition for handguns and rifles and how to choose appropriate self-defense rounds.

4. Concealed carry holsters and methods. How to choose a holster for comfort, accessibility, and safety.

5. Deadly force laws. When the use of deadly force is justified for self-defense according to Texas law.

6. Non-violent dispute resolution. Learning strategies to de-escalate confrontations and avoid using firearms whenever possible.

7. Safe storage. How to securely and responsibly store firearms and ammunition to prevent unauthorized access.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll take a multiple choice exam. Passing the exam, background check, and other requirements will allow you to obtain your Texas License to Carry. Responsible gun ownership begins with education. This mandatory course provides the knowledge and skills to confidently and safely own and use firearms.

How to Find an Approved Online Gun Safety Course

Here are the steps to find one that meets the state’s guidelines:

1. Check the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) website

The DPS maintains an official list of approved online concealed handgun training course providers. Browse the options on their website to find highly rated instructors that offer interactive, self-paced courses to suit your needs. Look for providers that have been approved for at least 2-3 years and have solid reviews from other students.

2. Compare courses

Once you find some reputable providers, compare the specifics of their concealed carry courses. Things to consider include:

  • Cost and any discounts or promotions offered. Prices will vary but average $30-$60.
  • Course curriculum and learning topics covered like gun basics, handling and storage procedures, self-defense laws, and live-fire instruction. More comprehensive courses are better.
  • Course format, e.g. all online, online plus live webcam with an instructor, online plus in-person range day. Choose what will work with your learning style.
  • Any extras like targeting exercises, newsletters, or free retakes.
  • Pass rate and credentials of the instructors. Look for NRA-certified instructors and courses with a high first-time pass rate.
  • Timeframe to complete the course. Most take 3 to 5 hours total including the final exam.
  • Certificate of completion provided and reported to the DPS so you can apply for your license.

3. Enroll and complete your chosen course

Once you select a provider and course, enroll on their website and follow the instructions to access all course materials including instructional videos, readings, quizzes and the final exam. If you pass the exam, the provider will mail your certificate of completion within a few business days so you can proceed to apply for your concealed carry license.

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What to Expect When Taking the Texas Online Gun Safety Course

Here’s what you can expect from the mandatory 4-6 hour online course.

1. Course Content

The course covers essential gun safety and handling principles every responsible owner should know. You’ll learn about:

  • Proper storage and security of firearms to prevent unauthorized access or theft.
  • Safe loading, unloading, and clearing procedures for various firearm actions.
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship and correct shooting stance and grip.
  • Applicable state laws regarding concealed carry, use of force, and where you can and can’t carry.

2. Interactive Lessons

The course utilizes interactive content like videos, animations, and quizzes to demonstrate proper techniques and reinforce key lessons. Pay close attention during the hands-on video modules on loading, unloading, and firing different types of handguns. The quizzes will test your knowledge and understanding of the course materials.

3. Final Exam

At the end of the course, you must pass a final exam to receive your certificate of completion. The exam typically consists of 50-100 multiple choice and true/false questions covering all topics from the course. You must score at least 70% to pass. Don’t worry if you don’t pass on the first try, you can retake the exam as many times as needed.

4. Certificate

Once you pass the final exam, you will receive an official certificate of completion via email. This certificate proves you have met the training requirement to apply for your Texas LTC. Be sure to print a copy to include in your LTC application packet.

The online course provides essential knowledge and prepares you for the responsibilities that come with carrying a concealed firearm. Pay close attention, ask questions if needed, and good luck! Let me know if you have any other questions about obtaining your Texas LTC.

Completing Your Online Training to Meet Requirements for Concealed Carry Permit

To meet the requirements for a Texas concealed carry permit, you’ll need to complete an approved online gun safety course. The course typically takes around 4 to 6 hours to finish and covers essential gun handling topics.

Once you’ve selected an approved course provider, you’ll go through interactive lessons on their website. The course material will cover important subjects like:

  • Firearm safety and proper handling. Learn how to safely load, unload, and clear different types of handguns. Proper muzzle control and trigger discipline are emphasized.
  • Texas gun laws. Review key concealed carry statutes in Texas regarding where you can and can’t carry, signage, use of force, and more. Know your responsibilities and rights as a permit holder.
  • Self-defense laws. Understand when the use of deadly force is justified for self-defense or defense of others. The course explains reasonable belief and proportionality.
  • Safe storage. Learn how to properly secure handguns to prevent unauthorized access. Options like gun locks, safes, and cases are discussed.


After going through all the lessons, you’ll take a multiple choice exam. Pass the test with at least a 70% and you’ll receive a certificate of completion for your training. This certificate, along with the other required documents, must be submitted with your concealed carry permit application.


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