3 Ways of Apologizing to your Spouse

As an African woman there are three powerful steps to apologise to your  african husband!!!
As a woman when your husband is so angry at you whether he is right or wrong just be calm, leave your pride behind  don’t get angry at him. Your main objective here is to win your husband’s love and peace of mind and save your good relationship that you have worked for. 
Step 1.
 kneel down and say sorry baby- that’s the African way- it put an African man’s ego down in a very quick moment. 
Step  2
. Prepare his favouright food and give him a good massage on his head while eating. 
Step 3 
. Make a passionate and peaceful love with him and let him sleep deeply. 
When he wakes up you will realised that he is already cured from his disease and demons that have been tormenting him

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