Food suggestions for a 6-month-old baby

Food suggestions for a 6-month-old baby. 

A 6 month olds main diet is still milk (via breast milk or formula)the baby should just be starting to Introduce to solids so.
Yes baby should still be getting multiple bottles a day.
 You can try baby cereal (sold in a box, made warm for the baby) and a little bit of a jarred baby food fruit with vegetable (but this takes time, slow is the point) .
You can start to introduce one type of baby food (jar) every few days until you knows if the baby food  had an adverse reaction before introducing something else new. 
You baby’re not going to love everything to begin with and it’s all different and new to them.

Final Note : Breast milk is best if possible. If not formula is still primary.

 Solids can be introduced slowly at this time.
 Feed as needed with formula or breast milk. 
Solids are just supplements at this age.

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