STOP BABBLING with your kids

Babbling is uttering sounds of language without any recognizable word. It is idle senseless talk similar to prattle (speaking incessantly in an inconsequential or childish manner). It is a confused murmur.

The coos baby makes are ways of engaging objects and people around them. They make this sound towards a person to initiate conversation (especially with their parents and siblings).

But because parents or siblings can not relate with their babbles, we babble back to them and don’t really give them attention they crave.

Since babbling is their language for that age, it is our duty to stimulate them and treat it as normal conversation with another adult.

Use baby talk (a form of speech used by adults in talking to very young children). Speak your own language.

No more “ba ba ba” because the number of words babies are exposed to will determine the content of their vocabulary by age 2 and also determine their reading milestone.

If you don’t know what to say when she makes her sounds and cues, say words relating to her facial gestures or objects she is trying to relate with.

In child development, when you serve your baby back well, we call it serve and return system. And what this does is to stimulate the brain of the baby to build up more neurons in nearly million within a second of a time.

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