Bed wetting Alarm

Bed-wetting Alarm

This are the latest way of helping a child Or adult to stop peeing on the bed. 
It had a sensor attached to the body which detect any time you are about to pee on the bed. 
It buzz off, vibrate, ring aloud and do all sort of things to make sure you are awake from sleep, even if you are far far asleep or deep sleeping. 

What is the best bed-wetting alarm? 

I can’t tell you that one alarm is better than the other because they all have their strength and weaknesses. 
Always read the manufacturer’s guide to pick the ones that best suits you or your child. 

Do we really need to talk about bed wetting alarm? 

Yes we do. 

Different between Bed-wetting Alarm and normal Alarm

Bed-wetting alarm has a sensor that would be attached to the body of the child or adult that want to be waken up from a deep sleep. 
The normal alarm doesn’t have to be attached to your body.

What age should you start bedwetting an alarm?

There is no particular age to start using a bed-wetting alarm or not but I would recommend starting from 5 years of age for kids or 13 for adolescence and any adult that got drunk and want to wake up to urinate. 

Is it OK to use a bedwetting alarm?

Yes it has no effect on your health. 
It would not damage your health to use a bed-wetting alarm. 
It is safe to use a bed-wetting alarm. 

How do I get my son to stop peeing the bed at night?

You can get you son and daughters to stop peeing the bed at night by using a bed wetting alarm. 

Do bed wetting alarm works ?

You can’t use it for a day or two and expect magic, it works well if you are patient because the body of the child or adult would get used to it in time.

Should I set an alarm to pee at night?

Use the bed wetting alarm. 

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