What to do with your House Cleaner Stealing

What to do with your House Cleaner Stealing

Some of us parents has someone who help us clean the house and environment while we are away or busy with other things or may be we are just lazy at cleaning the house.

Whether we have children or not, we shouldn’t jump at the conclusion that your house cleaner is stealing.

But to know if truly your house cleaner is stealing, you need to set a trap for your house cleaner.

If you are with kids or husband, you need to be wise about the trap and make sure it’s not your husband or kids that would pick up the trap made for your house cleaner.

Put money or some valuable in a strategic places only your house cleaner would be able to get to.

If possible set up a small camera to back it up.

If the trap finally caught your house cleaner and you found out that it is your house cleaner that is stealing.

What will you do to a stealing house cleaner?

Depending on your contract papers, some people will get the house cleaner arrested or jail for stealing


Some parents would terminate the Job they are giving the house cleaner.

Everything is up to you, please make a comment

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