At what age should a child have their own phone?

At what age should a child have their own phone?

This is a question most parents and guidance loved to ask.

The world is evolving and we must evolved with it.

Cellphone emit radiation, let us put that in mind.

In Nigeria, due to poverty many parents can not afford to buy a phone for their child. Hence they device a means of scaring of the child from using phone.

While those who can afford to buy a phone are always skeptical or scared of what the child might do with the phone.

The internet is another space on its own, there are many cases of child kidnapping where the said child meet a lover on the internet not knowing they are kidnappers or ritualist.

The child might also want to ezplore more by visiting some adult content website which are not rated for the child.

Some school of learning are encouraging parents to buy phone for their child to enhance learning through Youtube and to be able to assingments.

Hey, this write up is not for Nigerians.

If you feels that your child can handle the pressure of having a phone, because phone itself is a distraction for a child.

A child would rather watch Movie, chat and play game rather than do anything productive with it.

The best Age for a child to have a phone is between 13-14 years of Age.

At that age, the child is a young Adult.

At that age, many of the child’s friend are already using a phone and it would be bad for the child to feel dejected.

At that Age, the child’s hormone is strong to handle the radiation comming from the phone

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